Thursday, August 18, 2016

Five for Friday

Hey folks!! I took a couple weeks off from Five for Friday but I'm back linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching. 

Here's some of the highlights from the week as we prepare for back to school!

Laminating like it's going out of style yo

My husband is the bomb dot com and helped with my emojis for back to school.

I got this adorable emoji bulletin board from Erintegration on tpt! I just love how it turned out. 

I love Pinterest and check it daily for ideas! This one was so neat I had to screenshot it so I wouldn't forget to print it. I love to do cooperative learning games and introduce them with fun discussion topics. How funny are these questions? I'd rather have a tiny rhino if you were wondering. 

Every year we use the lobby as the "free table" where you dump your junk in hopes that it may find a new home that's not a trash can. Well, I found this adorable yellow table there!! I couldn't resist!!

Meet the teacher night got me feeling like...

I'm pretty exhausted but it was awesome meeting all of the families last night. It can be a little overwhelming for everyone involved but I'm so looking forward to this year! I just need to nap :)

Farm update

I've been reluctant to post a farm update lately. If anyone has followed my blog I usually dedicate #5 to something happening on my little homestead (my other passion). I had been not so patiently awaiting my goat "hot mess" to have her baby. On July 4th she had the most adorable baby girl we named Independance. She was born with some deficiencies and struggled health wise, but she was a little fighter. Sadly, we lost her at 3 weeks old. It's been a difficult summer ever since. I hate to end on such a sad note, so here are some ridiculously cute pictures of Independence (Indie for short). 

She was definitely a cutie patootie! She will be missed.

I hope everyone is having a smooth back to school season and can share a smile over the cutest baby goat there ever was!

Rock on,


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  1. It's the year of the emojis!
    Cute little kids!
    Have a great year.