Friday, April 29, 2016

Five for Friday

Welcome back for another Five for Friday! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Last Friday was Earth Day and we discussed the lifecycle of plants briefly and did some planting of our own. I'm a hippie at heart so I shared with my class how I save egg shells and started seeds in those. Next year I'll eat a couple dozen eggs and have it be a class project! We have our aqaponics garden though which is a system that recycles water from a fishtank to water plants above in grow trays. The fish waste is actually converted by good bacteria and made into plant food! The plants then suck up those nitrates which cleans the water as it returns to the fish tank. Pretty cool! This is an "EcoLife" system and it fits on a 20 gallon tank. We planted lettuce and pepper.


The school I worked at previously, but is still near and dear to my heart, posted a challenge on Twitter to be kinder! Hey, I think we can manage that :) I told my class about it and posted everyones name on a sticky note on the board. They then came up to grab someone's sticky and wrote an anonymous note to them to lift them up! I had to snap some of the specific notes because it makes my heart so happy to see what these sweet children write. This was a great class building activity but also met the challenge of #kindercameron. Have your class join the hashtag challenge! Kiddos in Cameron, NC would be so pumped to see it spread!!

I LOVE lularoe and they make for some awesome and comfy teacher outfits! I blogged about this yesterday on this post, Lularoe in the classroom. Check it out if you're looking to spice up your teacher wardrobe!

I seriously may print this out and keep it by my desk! Pretty sure I can be back to my high school weight in a week with this :)

Farm Update!

The hippie in me is a little sad to see the trees go.. but do you know how much they pay for trees?? It might single handily build our barn, and we can't put our house in a forest so bye bye pines! They're leaving all the hardwoods which I'm pretty excited about and also a patch of thick bamboo- we're talking almost the width of my body! I need to get a good picture of that! I plan on putting a hammock in the middle of it :)

That's been my week! Now I'm off to a teacher workday of test training. WOOHOO!

Rock on,



  1. I love your Earth Day ideas! And those Lularoe outfits are adorable! I would go shopping but I'm trying to stop shopping so much and just enjoy the clothes I have. So hard though!

    Teaching Voracious Learners

    1. I need to get creative with my clothing options because I was put on Lularoe lock down! haha. It is so hard!

  2. I love your Be Kinder Challenge! We may try that in my classroom, a little kindness goes a long way for some kids! I agree with Katie Moira , Lularue has such cute clothes, but It's so hard to shop when your wallet is screaming NOOO!

    Chevron and Crayons

    1. I know the students in Cameron NC would be thrilled to see someone post with the hashtag #kindercameron !!

  3. I think I might die of exhaustion if I did that teacher workout challenge! We have to be in uniform at work, it always makes me jealous to see cute teacher outfits!

    1. Pretty sure my legs would give out from squats! haha!