Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to school

It's been a bit since my last post but it's been a very hectic week. We had back to school night last night and I was able to meet some awesome kiddos and great families. I'm so excited for this upcoming year!

To prepare for last night I've been working in my room the last two weeks trying to get everything set up and organized. I planned out where the big things would go so that on back to school night the parents and students could see where the math manipulatives are, where they sit for small group, where the books are, etc. so they get a good feel for the room and hopefully feel comfortable :) I also wanted to leave room on the walls to add student work and anchor charts, but at the same time you don't want it totally blank and depressing. For this I put up some really cute banners to tie in the colors of our room and some inspirational quotes and posters to set the tone. 

On back to school night the students found little treats on their desks and of course a packet stuffed with info for mom and dad. I had the names put on their desks alphabetically so they could find it quick and to help me learn their names the first week. After that though we'll be moving around as I get a feel for their personalities and who works well together. I tried something new this year, putting their name tags on Velcro to move desks easily without rearranging the room. We'll see how they hold up! 

I also can't forget our main entertainment for the night- Stubs! Stubs is a bearded dragon who's missing a foot. He is probably the coolest class pet in existence. He munched on crickets and mealworms last night for the students enjoyment.

I can't wait for our first day back this coming Monday! Today's workday will be dedicated to planning :) 

Wishing everyone a great first day back!!

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