Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Organizing with command hooks

At any given point in time I have at least two packages of command hooks stashed away in my desk drawer. I believe there are so many great uses for these nifty hooks and I keep finding new uses! Here's just a few of the ways I organize my classroom with command hooks.

We use timers to practice our math facts but when they were placed in a basket the cords kept getting tangled. Hanging the hooks right where our centers are kept worked perfectly and no tangled cords!

During math technology students use Moby Max, so in case they forget their username or password all of the cards are on a ring and kept on the other side of the math center bookcase. We also use Seesaw, a great way for us to safely share our work and comment on other students work using our tablets. It's hanging on a hook because it can be flipped around for Block 2's QR code to scan. 

Ok, there isn't command hooks here but there was fresh paint on the walls so they wouldn't stick. Otherwise I wouldn't have made holes in the wall.. Whoops! So this is a hook and claw clip combo- AMAZING. Yes I get this excited about claw clips. This is our anchor chart so I regularly take it down to hang a new poster up. This makes it easy to move back and forth without a bulky stand. 

The clips may be a little difficult to see here but they're holding up all of these envelopes. These envelopes have coupons in them that my students can buy with their "dojo cash". We do a classroom economy where good behavior and completing quality work gets them cash to shop. However all of the things to buy are more experiences than material things. I like that it connects doing the right thing with a warm fuzzy feeling :) Anywho, my students are such sweeties and hard workers so they shop pretty frequently, making this system of envelopes on hooks pretty easy to manage and see all of their buying options. 

So that does it folks! Do you use command hooks or other nifty things to organize your classroom? Comment and share!

Rock on,


  1. I love this! Great ideas, Diana! You are so organized AND creative and you inspire me! I'd like to know more about the dojo bucks and the experience prizes. Sounds much better than endless "stuff" from the prize box. You are an amazing teacher and I love reading your full of fun and inspiring ideas. Rock on girl!!

    1. Thanks Gayge! You rock :) I've been meaning to write about our classroom economy, it's been working well but lots of learning curves there for me on how to manage it.

      I got a lot of the ideas from Laura Candler's product

      I used that for the money I printed and also the blank checks. I have students fill out their own paycheck to save time, but I let them know that when they have a job it's doubtful their boss will let them fill out their own paycheck lol!