Thursday, March 3, 2016

Five for Friday with Freebie!

It's finally FRIDAY!!! AHHHH I've been looking forward to this day all week. I know you shouldn't live for Friday, but hey, I really need a nap so that's my plan right after school :)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share all of the fun things we've been up to this week.




Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about things matching. These adorable seat pouches were made by my cousin who is an amazing seamstress as a wedding gift. BEST GIFT EVER!

This week we're working on perimeter and had a fun time building pens for our favorite animals! The kiddos got really into this, and then we beefed it up by changing the shapes with the same perimeter. I just love their adorable drawings too.

This one ALMOST made me want a pet mouse :)

A turtle, butterfly, and snake living in blissful harmony! In a 6x6 pen LOL

With spring break on the horizon we've been doing a little more of reviewing rules and being plain nice. It can't hurt to be plain nice :) So it made my heart happy to see this sticky on our "class shout out wall" <3

We've been learning all about the solar system!! I posted last week a picture of me dressed as Mrs. Frizzle for a character day- check it out here! I loved chanelling my inner Mrs. Frizzle and we took a trip to outer space to visit the inner planets and the gas giants. It was pretty convenient that the planets were right on my dress for a reference :)

We're currently working on solar system projects where each child is presenting a planet with a model for the class. Check out the freebie project here, rubric included! I can't wait for presentations next week. My students have been so excited and coming in sharing new facts they learned from their research. I love their enthusiasm!


Farm update! Nothing too much going on with my fur babies and feathered friends. We're hoping one of our does is pregnant, which means adorable baby goat pictures to come in June! Since she may be, I've been trying to use natural things to clean and reduce chemicals and processed things in their diet and environment. I couldn't have made this natural cleaner without the help of my healthy students! Several of my kiddos graciously donated their orange peels to me, which I put in a jar with vinegar. In two weeks I'll strain it and dilute it with water for a natural all purpose cleaner with a citrus scent! This will be perfect to use in the goat area, in the coop, in the house, and I promised to clean the desks with it so my students could see it in action! One kiddo called me a hippie this week.. I loved it.

That's all folks!