Friday, January 13, 2017

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Our highlights this week are all about FRACTIONS! 

We started our week out with fractions as equal parts! To show this we took sticky notes and circles and folded them into halves, thirds, fourths, and fifths. We discussed why folding could help ensure that the parts are equal. When the kiddos got to fifths it was fun to see how they worked it out and learned how many folds to do. Great conversations with this!

The next day we discussed fractions as sets. We used unifix cubes to explore this concept and practiced writing the fraction of different colors. This helped solidify the denominator concept as we said it wouldn't change unless we changed how many cubes we had in all in front of us.

Today we did fractional parts of a set. I used to dread teaching this concept but now I love it! We talked about the relationship between fractions and division. After working through a few problems my students begged to write their own, and the results were pretty entertaining math problems! I love this one about pugs :)

Next week I plan on using some word problems to solve fractional parts of a set and also move into fractions on a number line. I've made a few activities for this that you can check out in my store HERE! 

In the spirit of fractions, I had used class dojo to share with parents what we were going to work on. Over Christmas break I sent this word problem for my kiddos to solve that involved my pups! I'll have to work on a few more word problems.. perhaps get the goats involved! 

I always save a farm update for my last one! We had snow this weekend and I couldn't resist sharing a snow pic! The chickens stayed toasty in their run with straw to pick through :)

That's all for me folks! Since its been a week full of fractions I'm about to take a MUCH needed nap!

Rock on,


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