Thursday, May 19, 2016

Five for Friday

Hey there! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! We've had an exciting week in 3rd grade and I'd love to share some of our highlights!


These little pip squeaks didn't hatch until Wednesday and Thursday! We're only up to 4.. out of 10.. so there may be an issue with the incubator :( But at least we have some babies! Both blocks were able to witness a baby come out of the shell! I hooked up the document camera so they could watch on the smartboard instead of crowding around the incubator. Some kiddos got really emotional! They have such big hearts, it was an awesome experience and so magical to watch :)

Our aquaponic garden above the fish tank is out of control!! The lettuce is really coming in. The kids want to have a salad party... but our bearded dragon has another plan..

Salad party just for Stubs!

We're OK with sharing though.

It's the last week before the big test and the last thing we're reviewing is area and perimeter. This smart kiddo wanted to share her strategy for finding area. I loved how she used math vocabulary as she spoke and broke down all the steps. I see a teacher in the making!

At this point in the year when we're reviewing I love for the students to take over and teach the content. That shows me if they understand what they're doing and if there's any misconceptions I need to clear up. It's also awesome to watch them mimic my teaching style :) I mean you have to sound excited about area and perimeter.. it's kindof COOL like ALL MATH THINGS! hehe. Makes my heart happy!

We started learning about the human body this week using "Kiki's Classroom" product you can check out here! We started reading the passages and taking notes on the "organ-izer" (haha the kids loved that pun). Next week about our EOG's are done we will make the life-size human body model!

Farm update!

The photography class took fancy pictures of our farm soap! I have some of the pictures posted on my etsy shop
I told them I'd give them some soap, but now that I think of it I doubt some middle schoolers want my soap.. I'll have to think of a good little thank you gift for them.

So that's my week before testing! A little wild, but these kiddos have worked hard all year so they deserve button size quail fun :)

Be sure to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share your week as well!

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  1. The baby quail is too precious! Your kids will never forget this experience, I'm sure!

  2. Ooooh! I love your post! It's so environmental! Those quailings are adorable!

  3. The baby quail are SO cute!!!!! The kids are lucky to be able to experience that in their classroom. :)