Thursday, June 2, 2016

Teach the Teacher Day

"Teach the Teacher Day" is my favorite end of year activity! The last week of school can often be hectic and you're not in your usual routine. The kiddos are excited for summer, the weather is nice, testing is over, and you're saying your goodbyes.

Lesson Planning

At this point in the year I tell my students that they have been excellent learners that were always doing their best, following rules, participating in our activities and have had a GREAT attitude all year through! But, they have a lot of talents that I do not have, and it's time to turn the table and have THEM be the teacher and ME be the student! Yeah!!

I got this awesome lesson plan and rubric for free on TPT from "More than a Worksheet". Check it out here!

I start off by letting them know what they're getting themselves into- what does a teacher really have to do when they teach a lesson? They have to write a plan, with procedures lined out, materials planned and prepared, and a quiz question to see if their students have learned what they need to after the lesson. They also need to engage their student- and sometimes I can space out so I need them to speak clearly, look at me while they teach, and maybe have me try things out so I'm not sitting so long!

Now that they know how it's going to go down, they have to pick their topic. We made graphic organizers of ideas and things we're good at. They talked with partners to get more ideas. We then talked about how feasible their lesson is- will it work in the classroom or outside? Some wanted to teach how to ride a bike but they probably couldn't bring their bike to school, so they discussed with their partners if they really could teach the lesson they had picked out.

Now the planning! Wow! I have never had such a quiet room as my students buckled down with pencils scratching paper feverishly! I put out construction paper, glue, scissors, stickers, poster board, markers, anything to craft with. They went to town making visual aids and "how-to" posters. I also let them practice their lesson either with a partner, or have them set up a tablet to video record them. It was definitely helpful for them to watch themselves to see their posture, eye contact, and to see if they're speaking loud enough.

Time to teach!

After a day or 2 of preparing and practice, the kiddos are ready to teach me! To have all of your students teach their lesson it may take a couple of days. I teach two blocks, so in a 2 hour period we had 10-12 do their lesson each day.

I had so much fun learning about animals, drawing lots of different things, doing a tap dance, learning about fishing and the parts of the fishing pole, how to pass a soccer ball and Greek mythology! WOW! You'll be amazed by all of the different talents and interests within your classroom. It's a wonderful way to end your year!

Rock on,

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