Friday, September 23, 2016

Five for Friday

Hey there,

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for five for Friday! It was a fun week and we've stayed busy. Here's what we've been up to...

Talk like a Pirate Day was Monday! Arggggg!!

We learned about rounding by walking the plank and searching for treasure!

I blogged all about what we did as pirates on Monday here:

Here's some of the pirate rounding activities we did on TPT-

We've started our states of matter unit this week. I love using Hope King's unit that you can check out here-

This adorable lesson shows the molecules for each of the states of matter. They love jumping around like crazy kids to show how the molecules move!

This activity is the balloon poke, where 3 balloons are set up. One has air, the other water, and the last one is ice. The kids describe what each balloon feels like and then we pop them! They're always so amazed by the ice balloon!

My LOL for the week!

Outside my classroom I have a white board that I've been using for math jokes. I'm not sure if it's more for my enjoyment or the kids haha! I'm on the lookout for more math jokes if you know any!

Classkick is this great app where students can solve problems on a tablet and I can view all of their screens on my ipad! They can virtually "raise their hand" for me to check, or to ask a question. I can check their work and leave little stickers or notes. My kiddos LOVE it! They love seeing that I've checked it.

They asked me "is it rite?" and so I gave them the check, I usually leave an apple sticker too.

I could also catch any mistakes, like these kiddos rounding to the nearest 10 instead of 100.

Right now I have enough devices to let them work in pairs (I'm blessed to have 12 tablets!). This would be even better if I had 1:1

Farm update!

I want an alpaca so bad... just have to throw that out there.

Guess who's looking at alpaca.. ME!

That's all folks! Rock on,


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