Monday, September 19, 2016

Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arggg!

Today is "Talk like a pirate" day! When I realized the night before that this very fun day was upon us, I ditched my boring lesson plans for rounding and kicked it into high gear to give it a pirate theme!

Setting up

I had quite the shopping list, but everything was fairly cheap and easy to find at Walmart!

Pirate hooks were fashioned from solo cups and pipe cleaners. Eye patches were made from black felt and elastic string.

Students also got their very own "plank" with a number line on it to help us round to the nearest 10!

"Beware of Pirates" chalkboard pennets from Walmart! I hung these between the two third grade classrooms for students to see as they arrived at school.

Our pirate door is a plastic red tablecloth with four strips cut in it. This took less than 5 minutes to cut and hang up! 

Onto the Lesson!

We began our unit on rounding today. The mini "planks" they have are like a number line. We discussed how to find what tens a number comes between using their planks. I have copies of these in my product that can be glued to large Popsicle sticks or paint stirrers!

With their hooks they pointed to the tens a number would come inbetween and then they'd draw a number line on their board. 

Our long row of desks made the perfect plank! We pretended our plank was like a number line. This brave crew member had the number 32. So we discussed how one end would be 30 and the other 40. Halfway down the plank would be 35. She walked the plank, but didn't reach halfway so we'd round down to 30. 

In the "Rounding Pirates" resource there are practice pages with planks to keep the metaphor going! (By the way, I'm so pumped to have Monica in my class!)

Time to put it into action!

I used the QR code rounding cards from Teach Create Motivate. You can check out her product here- Place Value QR Code Hunt FREEBIE by Teach Create Motivate on Teachers Pay Teachers

 I hung them in the hallway so we could spread out and complete the recording sheet for some treasure! 

Students could scan the QR codes when they had completed their sheet to check their answers. Once they finished they got their gold! Rolos are what we got- yummy!

Checking for Understanding

I tried to monitor the best I could to catch anyone who had trouble with finding the two tens (this place value understanding seems to be the hang up when it comes to rounding). To wrap up the lesson and give me an idea of how well they understand, we ended with a treasure map. Students worked independently at their seats to do their map. These also made great hallway displays! 

If you'd like to try a little pirate rounding with your kiddos you can check out the resource here!

Rock on me mateys!


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