Thursday, January 21, 2016

Five for Friday

It's been a short little week for us, but a great one! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again for Five for Friday. Here's the top 5 moments from the week!

I gave my laminator a workout! This is the first year I've done a classroom economy and what I didn't count on is my students saving all of their money! They are saving it for something big- like a class party for $2,000! So I'm just gonna laminate 100s like a boss hehe

We turned our whiteboard into an interactive number line! It's just taped up there and I use clothes pins to clip up different fractions. The kiddos had a lot of fun with it! 

We've been working a lot with fractions on a number line which led me to make these sets of worksheets and activities. I opened with a number line being like a path, and of course, we're running to ice cream at the end of the line! This led to a lot of fun word problems and we've been rocking the number line :) You can check it out here!

With snow in the forecast everyone is rushing to buy milk. Meanwhile, I used up a gallon to make cheese! I have so much goat milk in the freezer I could survive being snowed in a while I think :)

The TPT "Stay Inspired" sale is still going on and my store is all 20%off! It's time for me to move everything I have sitting in my wish list over to my cart!! You can check out my sale here!

We're gonna have a snow day!!!!!! I feel five but I'm so excited! Yep, freezing rain is even just a little exciting. Snow showers Saturday though! Just hope my police hubby will be safe working!

Hope everyone has a safe and snowy weekend!



  1. I like your whiteboard number line teehee! I love a good white board but it does take up all the board space. Have a great weekend. Stay warm!

  2. I worry about my hubby too because he plows the snow! That is so great that your students are saving their moola---I feel like that is a true sign of maturity!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your white board number line! Great idea, I can think of some other uses for the clothes line. Maybe word sort, alphabetical order...