Saturday, April 9, 2016

Five for Fraturday

I couldn't get my act together to post Friday so here I am, five for Fraturday! :) I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share our highlights from the week!

This being our first week back from Spring break we did some review! We played 3rd grade math jeopardy, and worked on multiplication with various games!

After our review games Monday we got an awesome surprise in the mail! We recently purchased a big blue block set from Imagination Playground. As a thank you for referring our school to get the blocks, they sent us a medium set for free! We have had so much fun creating! I even taught a landforms lesson and the kiddos made the landforms with the blocks! It's been a blast having these around this crazy week :)

A robot!

This group and their "lake".

Pretty proud kiddo of his "valley".

So it's the week after spring break.. Perfect time for a FIELD TRIP! I'm by sure if that's sarcasm in my own voice but hey, gets the kids pumped to be back at school. We went to the museum of life and science in Durham, NC. 

Butterfly exhibit

Alpacas!! Next on my list for the farm :)


Ok so we played review games, got cool big blocks, went on a field trip.. So why not get a new class pet too! Yep I've lost it haha! Meet Gizmo!

The farm update is probably the least exciting, but still brings a smile to my face to collect these beauties everyday from the coop! 

Hope you all had an excellent week and I'm off to nap!

Rock on,


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