Thursday, April 14, 2016

Five for Friday

It's finally Friday! Whew what a week it's been and I could definitely go for a nap but I'm just glad I made it :)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my highlights from the week and I hope you join in the fun too and link up, or share a highlight in the comments!

I've posted about our medium blocks before, but the uses for them just keep coming, that I can't stop sharing them! We recently raised money for a set of Big Blue Blocks from Imagination playground and for referring our school we received a set of medium blocks free! I've shared a few pictures of what the kiddos created in other posts, but this week we made land forms with the blocks to review our science unit. They really had to think about the shapes and important attributes of the land forms to recreate them, so it was an exciting activity to see the learning going on!

We've also been having some fun with vocabulary and we made some games this week to go over the land form vocabulary but also vocab for volume and mass measurements. In this 2 week unit there were 15 totally new vocabulary words! So yeah.. we had to get interactive with those words and we played some taboo and charades! I go into more detail on this blog post from yesterday about our fun vocab games!

We had an art party this week and it was a blast! My students earn points for finishing assignments and at the end of the week they get a paycheck. They're paid $5 a point, so they're usually looking at $100 a week. Well, they can buy a class party for $2,000 and would you know these smarty pants pooled all of their money together and bought one! They voted on an art party and we had fun painting, using pastels, making bead crafts, and origami!

I have a Lularoe addiction and I have no intention of seeking help for this problem. I should be getting this totally adorable Amelia dress in the mail next week. IT HAS POCKETS!!!

I like to make #5 a farm update because my babies are a big part of my life! I was totally cracking up at our fainting goat, Brooks, because he likes to stick his entire head in the hay bin when he eats.

Hope your week wasn't like Brooks!

Rock on,



  1. I'm a Lularoe addict lol! I LOVE their leggings!!!

  2. I LOVE that they pooled their money together! Smart cookies! Also, who doesn't love a dress with pockets? :)