Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lularoe in the classroom!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm obsessed with Lularoe.. like.. my husband had to have an intervention with me and I'm now on Lularoe lockdown until we do some budgeting haha! It's just so hard not to become obsessed with super comfy clothing that can work for the classroom and for the select few times I make an appearance in public!

If you're not sure what Lularoe is, you can try by doing a quick search on facebook for groups that sell it. It works a lot like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef where you have a consultant that sells the clothes, yet its done mostly online rather than parties. There are some pop up parties that happen, and if you get a chance to attend one I highly recommend it! It's a great way to find your perfect fit and usually things are on sale! A pop up party is how my addiction started.. so be careful!

To show how much I love Lularoe, I challenged myself to wear it everyday for a week at school. This wasn't difficult.. but it also made me realize I could probably replace my wardrobe completely with these clothes and get away with it :)

I shared my lularoe week challenge on instagram- if you have an account follow me @ the_rockin_rowlands or click on this link!

1. Monday

On Monday I wore an Amelia dress. Now, the price of these are pretty steep.. $65. That's why I only have one but I plan on wearing it every chance I get! This dress has a zippered back and it has slight pleating. It also has POCKETS! Yep, favorite part. I was so comfortable all day and I usually don't say that when I'm wearing a dress. 

2. Tuesday

On Tuesday I wore the Cassie skirt and a regular top that I had. The Cassie skirt is a pencil skirt that you can have at knee length or roll up to make it shorter. At school I doubt you want it any shorter than your knees but if you're heading somewhere after school and want it to look a little more flirty go for it! Not for me, I'll stick to my knee length :) Another super comfy skirt. You'll notice I'll say comfy a lot.. This one runs $35.

3. Wednesday

For the middle of the week I was ready to break out the leggings! I'm wearing solid black leggings and an Irma top. The leggings are $25 which is more than I've ever spent on leggings before.. but let me tell you I now have 5 pairs of leggings and I always go for my lularoes before any other brand! They seriously feel like you're wearing nothing... no joke I almost had a heart attack at the Food Lion one day while wearing these because for a split second I thought I wasn't wearing pants! They are pretty amazing besides that scare. The Irma tops go so well with them because they're longer in the back. No teacher can have their butt out.. so Irmas are the way to go! The tops are usually $35, and come in lots of prints or solids.

4. Thursday

On Thursday I was doing an experiment and knew I'd have to move around a lot, so I chose to wear the Maxi skirt this day. I LOVE THE MAXI SKIRTS! They are my favorite piece so far. They have lots of prints and they are very flowy! The skirts are around $42, more expensive than I usually spend but I wear these around the house, to the store, obvi to school, and nights out!

5. Friday

Fridays are usually jeans day at our school, which I have always been a big fan of. However, when I was introduced to Lularoe leggings I couldn't help but use my wild prints as my "Casual Friday" pass! I like to wear solid Irmas with the wild print leggings, because honestly I'm not great with pattern matching. Also, for the warmer weather, the leggings can be folded up to make capris! 

If you think you'd like to try Lularoe I'm going to link to some of my favorite pages to buy from!

Jennifer Watkins is in PA, she's always posting a lot of new inventory!

Jennifer Snyder is who I got my Amelia dress from, she ships things out speedy fast!

Court Taylor is a parent at my school, and she set up a sale for us to raise money for the playground!! She's all about supporting the schools so I love to support her!

I hope you check out lularoe, or share some pictures of how you roe!!

Rock on,


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  1. You look so cute! May I use your photo of "LuLaRoe in the Classroom" in my group?