Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Gigs for Teachers

OK so I know us teachers should be floating in a pool of all our money but lets be real.. Summers can be tough without that check coming in and it's the time to take a vacation and treat yo self! So I found myself thinking of ways to make some extra money. However, it's not as easy as putting in applications around town- because if you're like me, you only want something until mid-August. I've come up with some ideas and would love to share them with anyone else looking for some ways to make money this summer with minimum commitment! If you love dogs this is a bonus because there's ways to play with puppies and make money!!

1. Sit

Don't you wish you could sit and rake in the dough?! HA! Well you can do some sitting and do pretty well for yourself. Babysitting, pet sitting, and house sitting are all great ways to make some extra income this summer and they do not require large time commitments. You also control your schedule and when you're available. A great website that I like to use is You can sign up on here and make a profile for all kinds of care including the ones I mentioned but also senior care and house keeping. I absolutely love animals so I made one for pet sitting and it has been a blast! Since signing up in the beginning of June I've gotten 4 petsitting jobs, two of which lasted 2-3 weeks. is great because it's free to sign up and free for the people looking for sitters. You also set your rate and can either be paid directly or through the site.

2. Seasonal Jobs

Great part time jobs for teachers are employers that need people just for the summer months. Pools, summer camps, amusement parks/water parks, tanning beds, ice cream shops, and anything specializing in swimming, hot weather, or kids. I know lots of summer camps reach out to the school employees first to find counselors because hey.. we kinda know what we're doing. Also a local parks and rec department could probably help out with other sports camps and things of the like going on in your area. The other jobs such as the pool as a lifeguard (usually requires training/certifications), parks, tanning beds and ice cream shops probably have a regular staff but could use someone for the busier months. Since you'd be a temporary employee definitely harp on the fact that you're a fast learner! They do not want to spend forever training someone who will be gone in 3 months. These are great though and usually have pretty consistent hours!

3. Teacher Supply Store

Come on.. how great would it be to know when things go on sale, have an employee discount, and be surrounded by school supplies!!! You're already pretty qualified for the job seeing as you know the products and brands. If you have any cashier experience then I'd say you've got a good shot at getting a job like this! Knowing me, if I started working at our teacher supply store I would probably continue into the year working weekends and it would get dangerous.. hmm... I may see if they're hiring... :)

4. BLOG or TPT!

I have loved blogging and making things for TPT! If you've ever thought about it but don't know how to start send me an email or leave a comment, I'd love to help you get started! It's been a lot of fun and through ads, affiliate links, and sponsors you can make some money. This would not be as quick as the others, but definitely worth it! TPT is also a great way to share your work and resources to help other teachers but also support your efforts! This takes a little start up costs for clip art and fonts, but then you're good to make resources and turn a profit. There's quite a few blogs and tips out there for stating, but I would also love to help you start out!

There you have it folks. Hope you find these ideas helpful and you can make some extra cash this summer! Please share any other ideas for summer jobs for teachers!

Work hard, play hard ;)


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