Sunday, July 5, 2015

#bloghoppin2015 Scavenger Hunt

I have had so much fun today with the #bloghoppin2015 scavenger hunt! It just started today and already so many people are uploading pictures with the hashtag! I was on Bloglovin' and reading up on recent posts over the weekend and I saw Blog Hoppin' is doing a scavenger hunt! It goes until the end of July and there's a list of items to find. If you can get 90 points you're entered to win an Ipad, monogrammed case, and $100 Itunes gift card. Not to mention, it's so fun!

To play, you need to have an instagram account. I have a personal instagram account but to do the scavenger hunt you need to have your account set to public, so I made a classroom account "The_Rockin_Rowlands If you have an instagram account follow me! I've started with following the teachers that are a part of blog hoppin' but I would love to follow some more great teachers!

 Here's a few of the items I was able to cross of the list today with the help of my family and my sister's friends. It was quite convenient that my parents have odd items like stilts laying around... 

 I hope you join the fun and do the #bloghoppin2015 scavenger hunt! I can't wait to cross a few more items off tomorrow :)



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