Monday, July 27, 2015

Chevron Desk for "Made It Monday"

So I have to say I have the best fiance in the world! Creston helped me so much in my classroom today and I don't know how any of these projects would have come together without him.

For "Made It Monday" we did a desk makeover. I was so fortunate that the new school I moved to had a desk I could use, and that I was also allowed to spice it up! I originally thought of painting it.. but this would take more than one can of spray paint so I wasn't feelin it. I thought of a much more labor intensive project.. Let's wallpaper it! LOL Poor Creston...

This is the "BEFORE" of the desk. It had some contact paper on the sides that was a wood look, so I pulled that off and sanded it down a bit to prep for the project.

Here's Creston being a total trooper and putting wallpaper on this desk! This adorable chevron print was in the paint section at Walmart. It caught my eye when I got the turquoise paint for my last "Monday Made It".

Here's the finished product!!! How adorable is this?? I thought about painting the top and sides white.. but I'm kinda diggin the dark wood look with it. Also.. I really don't want to paint :)

Some other things I picked up for the classroom is matching chevron shelf liner that I've put in the white bookcases. I'll need to take a picture next time I'm in the room. The shelf liner goes fast so I ended up buying 5 rolls of it.. lets hope it holds up! I also picked up a cube shelf organizer and LOVE IT!! I got 2 turquoise boxes like shown in the picture and two gray ones that have a print. I also thought the "weathered" finish made it look more like a homey piece of furniture.

I like it so much that I may go back for a four shelf single level organizer. I'm thinking this could work really well in front of the smartboard. That space below the smartboard has always been empty and blank for me because what can you really fit there? This too cute perfect height bookshelf of course! I know I can always use more storage.

I'll be back in the room tomorrow to get some more things together! All of this decorating is taking my mind off of what's to come... pacing and lesson planning.. DUN DUN DUNNNN!

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  1. Love the desk redo. Can't wait to see the rest of your new room!